A Developer

I am a developer, I program mostly as a hobby and for fun. I learnt most languages by self taught.
I am interested in technology advances, security and privacy,
Blockchain currencies or other possible blockchain uses case and the decentralization of the internet,
Also a blockchain currency enthusiastic.
Nowadays I just live a live of having to debug code less often.

My Skills

You can also view my projects below!

I can make some advanced PHP websites,
I know basic PHP good practices and OOP
I also know how to make pocketmine server plugins

Frontend Website Building

I can make decent websites, like this one!
I know HTML CSS and general bootstrap framework, not the best at JS

Come meet me

On ZeroNet


Here's some sites I created
My Personal Page

My own personal page, contains info and list of some projects

Timezone teller

A page that tells your timezone using javascript

My Old Personal Page

My old personal page when I first fully learn the basic of CSS and HTML


Here's some sites I created at zeronet
Thunder's Blog

A simple blog that's clone of ZeroBlog.

Zero Switchboard
Prototype: master seed storer

A prototype site that stores your masterseed allowing you to copy and paste it easily(for switching accounts).

More to come!

Stay Tuned!


Some notable plugins I made for pocketmine
View the rest at my Github repo
World TP
Teleport between worlds with ease!

A plugin I made to allow people to teleport between worlds, as a bonus there's ways to load unload and list worlds.

Staff Chat
An Advance staff chat plugins for your staff members

A plugin I made to provide server staff a simple private chat with overkilled features.

Daily Rewards
Reward players to keep them come back daily!

An old plugin that aimed to encourage players to login daily I made long time ago
by allowing server owner to give users an increasing amount of reward each day to keep them coming back.

Tweet at the comfort of your server!

An old plugin that allows admins to tweet from server
as a bonus there's an overkill APIO addition for developers to use.

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